The anti-British propaganda of the Establishment exposed

National Archives back down after eight-year fight from visitor who complained their ‘Empire-bashing’ exhibitions painted Britain’s colonial past in solely bad light

The non-ministerial government department has withdrawn displays and a blog

Tony Adler, 69, first complained about the archive’s lack of balance in 2009

The organisation, based in Kew, west London, have finally admitted their material lacked ‘due impartiality’


21 December 2017

The National Archives has removed a series of displays and a blog post after being accused of ‘anti-British Empire-bashing’.

Retired history lecturer Tony Adler, 69, first complained to the organisation in 2009 after seeing a description of British colonialism as ‘profoundly oppressive’.

The caption was part of an exhibition at the Keeper’s Gallery museum, where visitors are introduced to historic moments covered by the archive’s 11 million records.

The organisation initially rejected the complaint but then agreed to reword the caption after Mr Adler appealed to their chief executive.

Mr Adler also complained about a blog post discussing the Partition of India, arguing that it took an anti-British stance on the historical event.

He took further issue with curators’ failure to mention William Wilberforce’s successful campaign to abolish the slave trade.

The organisation also didn’t make clear in the caption of a picture of HMS Daphne carrying slaves in the Indian Ocean in 1868 that the vessel was used to police seas and prevent slaving from east Africa and the Arabian peninsula, he said.

And now the archive, a non-ministerial government department based in Kew, west London, have admitted presenting Britain’s colonial history without ‘due impartiality’.

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  • Naturalistic Pagan says

    When I first came across your website I thought it might provide me with some intellectual insight into why people with your beliefs think the way they do. However, the more I read the more I realise that you are basically regurgitating non-stories by Daily Mail’s “so-called” journalists, the more I realise that I will get no answers here. You, like the Daily Mail, appear to be ensconced in hating or trying to provoke hatred to anything and any one who is different in any way to yourself. If I could make one suggestion it would be to try to look for more positives in all people of all kinds and then, who knows, you may become a less angry little man.

    • Andrew says

      Having lost each and every argument on the basis of reasoned discussion you now resort to mere personal abuse and yet again to hate speech. Why am I not surprised? Because once the argument is conducted on the basis of facts and reason your ideas are exposed as nothing more than fashionable cant. Bear in mind that fashions change, sometimes very quickly indeed.

      I hold no brief for the Daily Mail and the republication of certain of its articles, or parts thereof, on implies no endorsement of that newspaper’s editorial position.

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