No to the brainwashing of our children


This afternoon the Government announced the first stage of a public consultation which will help formulate its proposals for Relationships Education in primary schools, and Sex and Relationships Education in secondary schools in England.

All parents, teachers, and children now have the opportunity to tell the Department for Education to stop the sexualisation of our children.

The Coalition for Marriage has been campaigning vigorously against the Government’s intention to teach five-year-olds about homosexual relationships and ‘transgenderism’.

This morning we featured in coverage by the BBC, The Times, The Sun, The Daily Mail and The Telegraph. We have also spoken out on national broadcast media, including ITV News.

Now, we need your help. The sections below explain why and how.

What is the consultation about?

The consultation covers the content of the Relationships Education at primary school age, and Relationships and Sex Education in secondary schools.

It is the first part of a two-stage consultation process. Submissions will help inform proposed guidance to be issued in 2018, which will then be subject to a further consultation exercise.

We view it as a positive that the Government is consulting at this early stage as it indicates a willingness to listen to parents and others.

At present, the Government’s proposals include compulsory lessons for children between five and eleven covering homosexual relationships, including same-sex ‘marriage’, and ‘transgenderism’.

This is too much, too young. It would sexualise our children before they hit puberty. The consultation is an opportunity for all parents to ask the Government for education, not indoctrination.

In secondary school we would also like to see the Government recognise that marriage is a gold-standard for adult relationships, rather than just one option amongst many.

How do I respond?

The consultation takes the form of seven questions aimed at those with knowledge or experience of English schools. It is available here and open until February 12th. Responses are limited to 250 words per question.

We will write to all of our supporters early in the New Year with a detailed breakdown of the Government’s consultation questions and what they mean for traditional marriage supporters.

Once we have sent this information, please encourage all parents to respond. We have worked with a very broad coalition on this issue. If we speak in large numbers the Government will listen.

Thank you

It has been a privilege to be able to speak on this issue knowing that, whereas the proponents of measures like these receive thousands of pounds from the public purse, the Coalition for Marriage is run on hundreds of small donations made each year by people who care deeply about its work.

Thank you for making me welcome in this role over 2017, and I wish you and your family every happiness at Christmas and through 2018.

Yours sincerely

Thomas Pascoe
Campaign Director
Coalition for Marriage (C4M)

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  • Naturalistic Pagan says

    You appear to have issues with mixed-raced marriage and now gay marriage. What is the problem with either? They do not affect you in any way so why are you getting so worked up about them?

    • Andrew says

      Patria opposes the colonization of the homeland of the English by immigrants of other races, cultures and creeds and their preferential treatment by the political and media Establishment. We also oppose the dilution and denigration of social institutions such as marriage and the family. These enormous experiments in social engineering affect every one of our English people in various ways, whether or not they are aware of it and choose publicly to acknowledge it.

      To judge by the number and tone of your comments to, it is you who is getting worked up, rather than myself.

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