Economic Nationalism Explained

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  • Mark Haynes says

    I have just listened to John Tyndall’s speech on economic nationalism and have to say it was superb. His talk was obviously in the Thatcher era, but his wise words are even more relevant today. He has not just articulated the economic problems our nation faced and face but proposed solutions to our problems. I especially like the fact he identified the root cause of many of our nation’s ills, the parasitism of the international financiers in the city!

    If mass support for nationalism is to be built it is this sort of economic thinking which has to be promoted. The people are fed up with the insane financial/banking/economic system we live in and are crying out for reform and positive solutions.

    Good luck in your new party’s endeavours

    • Andrew says

      Thank you for your good wishes, Mark.

      When you are ready I hope that you will join us and help to make a reality in Britain of the Economic nationalism of which Mr Tyndall so eloquently spoke.

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