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The UK has red lines based on the simple fact that the people voted to leave

This means exiting all EU structures and controls

These must NOT be replaced with anything that has broadly the same effect as being a member state

Specifically, there must be:

No membership of the Single Market or anything like it

No membership of the Customs Union or anything like it

No ‘common rule-book’ for goods and services but mutual regulatory recognition instead

Full ability to implement new international trade deals from 29 March 2019

No jurisdiction by the ECJ or any supranational substitute

No dictation of immigration policy by EU – full independence

No submission to Common Agricultural or Fisheries Policy

No involvement in EU ‘defence union’ in any form

No change in status of Northern Ireland and Gibraltar in any way

No participation in the EU arrest warrant

No participation in EU medicines agency

UK to be an independent country in each and every respect

EU to be offered a comprehensive free trade agreement to include services

EU to be offered continuing co-operation on security intelligence

In the event of no deal being struck by 29 March 2019 the UK will keep the proposed £39 billion ‘divorce settlement’ and pay nothing for regaining our freedom

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