A response to the Chancellor’s mini-budget

With all of this climate change we hear about endlessly we should soon be able to grow coconuts in southern England.

If we train the post-millennials to pick them we wouldn’t need to import coconut milk and other similar products from countries such as Thailand, which would help the public finances and gradually over time eliminate the budget deficit.

If we restore the coal industry similar considerations would apply and this would also, in theory, help to speed up the rate of global warming, hence …

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Sumption shows gumption

Ex-Supreme Court judge Lord Sumption blasts ‘collective hysteria’ over coronavirus, attacking the decision to put the public into ‘house imprisonment’ while ‘wrecking our economy for an indefinite period’

Lord Sumption, who was a judge from 2012-2018 gave an interview to the BBC

He said politicians had not thought about ‘whether the cost will be worth paying’

Came after Boris Johnson ordered people to stay at home as much as possible

The Government also forced businesses to close and spent billions in job aid



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Former British Ambassador to Syria condemns Britain’s foreign policy

In 2003, as Ambassador to Bahrain, Peter Ford says he sent critical memos to London before the Iraq War. Later he regretted not having been more outspoken. In his time in Damascus (2003-2006), he says he distanced himself more and more from the official policies.[6]

After 2006, he was criticised as a defender of the al-Assad regime in Syria. In 2016, he suggested opposition forces were responsible for an attack on a UN humanitarian convoy in September 2016 which caused the death of ten aid workers. …

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Weapons of Mass Deception

PETER OBORNE: How I long to see Blair in the dock being called to account for Iraq

By Peter Oborne For The Daily Mail

18 April 2017

After almost a decade of making money by milking the contacts he had made as prime minister, Tony Blair recently made a surprise comeback to domestic politics.

He has created an institute to promote his own brand of ‘centre-ground’ politics, and has again become a familiar figure on the British scene.

I dare say that Mr Blair is hoping we will all forget …

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Mass immigration = cheap labour + unemployment = hunger

Chichester bishop’s call for people not to go hungry

5 March 2014

‘MORE can be done’ to stop people facing a choice between going hungry or freezing in the winter.

That is the view of the Bishop of Chichester, who has joined dozens of his fellows in urging the prime minister to ensure people have enough to eat.

An open letter to David Cameron, signed by 43 Christian leaders, including 27 Anglican bishops, said ‘failures in the benefit system’ had led to several people facing a choice between ‘heat …

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DELIGHT has greeted the news that an inspector has dismissed a Westbourne planning appeal.

Last week, it was announced the appeal by Southcott Homes Ltd to build 22 homes on land at Long Copse Lane had been thrown out by planning inspector Janice Trask.

Villager Jesse Grant, along with almost the whole village, has fought against the proposal which was originally rejected by Chichester District Council earlier this year.

“I would like to say we’re delighted obviously,” he said this week.

“Just because houses are needed – which I’m …

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Patria – the home of patriots

How these immigrants show their gratitude

Picture the scene, if you will: a hastily convened meeting of COBRA, with the Home Secretary, Theresa May, in the chair.

May: I just don’t get it. We bring these people over here, in their millions, from the Third World and treat them better than we treat our own people, but are they in the least bit grateful? No, they want to murder us in the name of their religion of peace.

Head of MI5: Well, you know, just between ourselves, that stuff about “religion of peace” is …

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Contact your Patria







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