The role of monarchy

The rise of cynical art as an art form in its own right

Parliament vs the People

You can do anything you like as long as it’s ineffectual

The People versus the Rump parliament and quisling judges

This realm of England is an empire

The EU has sufficiently demonstrated its bad faith

Now we must educate our politicians

This is the shop where we have no bananas

There’s a fruit store on our street
It’s run by a Greek.
And he keeps good things to eat
But you should hear him speak!
When you ask him anything, he never answers “no”.
He just “yes”es you to death, and as he takes your dough
He tells you
“Yes, we have no bananas
We have-a no bananas today.
We’ve string beans, and onions
Cabbageses, and scallions,
And all sorts of fruit and say
We have an old fashioned to-mah-to
A Long Island po-tah-to
But yes, we have no bananas.
We have no bananas today.”
Business got so good for him …

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We hold all the cards and the EU is a busted flush