How to bring the law into contempt, according to the Frankfurt School

We have reason to believe a thought crime may have been committed

Defund the privileged ‘woke’ parasites

A Man’s Best Friend

O virus, where is thy second wave?

Lib-Lab-Con institutional senicide

The Notional Health Service

England is Brave Old England Still

The EU needs to understand that they cannot have their gateau and eat it too. Brussels may waive the rules but Britain rules the waves. May he who ‘gan the quarrel soon have to bite the dust, The Lion should be thrice armed for he “hath his quarrel just.” ‘Tis said that countless thousands thro’ cruel lockdown will die, But let us hope most fervently ere long the end be nigh. Let them be warned: England is brave Old England still, We’ve proved our might, …

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Hidden Agenda 2020