The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

Papa Luigi’s article is, contra the title of this thread, not a ‘new’ bag at all. At least not for him and not for those of us who have read his contributions to this forum over the last few months. He has been propagating his rather nebulous strategy of the eschewing of electoral politics, in favour of the development of a semi-clandestine network of nationalist donors, increasingly openly.

What should one make of such a proposed strategy? Well, the first thing to say is that it …

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Economic Nationalism Explained

Too Liddle Too Late

So Mr Liddle at long last acknowledges (in The Sun) that the BNP was right all along about the issue of Muslim paedophile gangs preying upon English children.

Only he cannot bring himself to use the word English. Instead, in common with the bulk of ‘mainstream’ journalists, he uses the generic term white. This unwillingness to name the ethnic nationality of the great majority of the thousands of child-victims is in itself a further insult both to them and to the English people as a whole. It …

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