When Big Ben bongs Johnson’s fake Brexit begins

Why has everyone forgotten the EU’s £39 billion Divorce Bill demand?

And why are we still going to sign a blank cheque permitting the EU to fill in the amount?

Brexit Facts4EU.Org reports on latest official estimates for more decades of subsidizing the EU

Most readers would say that sums in the order of £40 billion pounds are significant. At Brexit Facts4EU.Org we agree.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org

9 January 2020

As we have reported many times, the revised Withdrawal Agreement negotiated by the Johnson Government made absolutely no changes to Treason …

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We need no free trade agreement or any other ‘deal’ with the EU

More than two-thirds of goods sales to EU27 countries come from countries which have no free trade agreement with the EU

Latest EU report shows majority of non-EU world trades with EU without any ‘deal’

A quick summary of what we can look forward to in the coming year

The news in 2020 is likely to be dominated by UK trade talks with the EU, if the “Withdrawal Agreement” becomes an international treaty on 31 January 2020.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org

27 December 2019

Despite the UK having voted to leave the …

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It’s the devil of a row down under

‘It’s of the Devil’: Tennis great Margaret Court unleashes on ‘gays’, lesbians and transgender athletes in fiery church sermon on eve of the Australian Open where she will be the guest of honour

Margaret Court says most Christians don’t even know what the Bible says

She told a congregation that LGBT material in schools is ‘of the devil’

Tennis Australia censures Court’s views saying they ‘demeaned and hurt’ people

Court’s children defend their mother’s free speech, ‘disappointed’ with TA

TA will still honour Court’s 1970 historic grand slam victories next …

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Thank you

A heartfelt thank you to all our members and supporters over the past year.

We could not continue our work without your support. I hope you will continue to stand with us in 2020.

For now a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Patria.

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EU rock the Casbah with your money

The EU’s Christmas dash to splash the UK’s cash in the Casbah

EU gives £1/3 billion to Morocco in pre-Christmas splurge

Committing to this expenditure before UK’s exit puts UK taxpayers on the line

Brexit Facts4EU.Org

22 December, 2019

Late on Friday when office Christmas parties were about to start, the EU announced its latest new spending commitments in the Arabic Kingdom of Morocco.

Announced before the UK exits the EU, this means that these commitments will form part of the EU’s Divorce Bill which it will present to the …

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The Rainbow Church of Cultural Marxism

Former chaplain to the Queen quits church and converts to Catholicism as he attacks CofE’s transgender stance and failure to defend Christian values

Queen’s former chaplain converts to Catholicism and slams the Anglican Church

Dr Gavin Ashenden said CofE must realize Christianity is engaged in a culture war

He said the Church had ‘swallowed wholesale’ trendy politically ‘correct’ causes

Ann Widdecombe said his conversion was a sign of CofE’s ‘downward trajectory’


PUBLISHED: 23:00, 21 December 2019 | UPDATED: 23:21, 21 …

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Abolish the supreme court

Miller 2 – A self-contradictory judgement

7 December 2019

by Bryn Harris

This paper makes a simple argument: the judgement of the Supreme Court this year in R (Miller) v The Prime Minister was indifferent to the will of Parliament. Whatever the merits or demerits of the court’s decision otherwise, it is impossible to reconcile it with the principle of Parliamentary sovereignty as properly defined.

Each House of Parliament, and Parliament as whole, enjoys ‘exclusive cognisance’. It is the right of Parliament to manage its own affairs without interference …

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WTO is better for the UK than an FTA with the EU

UK negotiators must remember the EU has far more to gain from a Free Trade Agreement than the UK

20 December 2019

Alastair MacMillan

When I heard the exit poll on the evening of 12th December, I could hardly believe it – but was able to go to bed with a very deep sense of relief (and was even more relieved when the exit poll’s prediction of 55 SNP seats was later shown to be exaggerated).

Now that we have a Government with a good majority – not …

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The fake Brexit betrayal of Britain

There’s just one problem: the international Treaty which Johnson proposes to sign with the EU next month

Brexit Facts4EU.Org

We are not lawyers, but we have actually read the “Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration”, and we discussed it with a British barrister based in Brussels. We even produced one of our famous “one-pagers” on it, the day after it was published by the EU.

The government has said nothing about further re-negotiation of these documents, which will in effect become an International Treaty between the United Kingdom and …

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A message from Patria to Thespians for Remain

A message from Patria to Thespians for Remain