Government and controlled ‘opposition’ versus democracy

Despite Brexit, the Government has covertly signed us up to the EU’s defence agenda

24 November, 2018

by Steven Edginton

We’ve all heard the arguments over how Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration do not respect the referendum result in areas including fishing, trade, financial contributions and our laws. But the public, MPs and even ministers seem to be oblivious to one of the greatest sleights of hand in recent political history: how Theresa May has covertly given away control over policy, rules and structures which govern …

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The hidden costs of EU membership

Why are we paying to build Polish roads, when ours have potholes?

For the last five years the UK taxpayer has been paying £3 billion per year into a £54 billion EU fund and receiving NOTHING back

The UK is funding the new infrastructure of fifteen EU countries, in a massive EU wealth transfer scheme

Brexit Facts4EU.Org 7 May, 2019

This would continue under Treason May’s surrender treaty. Remain MPs and campaigners are fond of talking about the ‘EU money’ which is received for projects in the UK. Well, …

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Lib-Lab-Con betray Brexit – democracy under attack

Can you believe you’re reading this? Well, we can’t quite believe we’re publishing it

5 May, 2019

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Editorial

It’s the Spring Bank Holiday weekend – Sunday, 5th May 2019 – and we are still in the EU

1,047 days ago the majority of the electorate voted to leave the European Union. The Prime Minister had promised to invoke Article 50 “the next day” if Leave won.


Leave won

In the worst case scenario, the UK should therefore have left the EU on 24 June 2018

That’s 316 days …

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Get Britain Out

If Labour want to remain the ‘party of the people’, they need to back a clean break from the EU – and soon

2 May, 2019

by Joel Casement

The Labour Party has been sidelined in the Brexit process by a Prime Minister who has persistently brought back a betrayal deal which utterly fails the British people and those in Labour who voted Leave at the EU referendum. Theresa May’s deal locks us into an Irish backstop which will break up the Union of the United Kingdom. Labour, …

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Patria increases its share of the vote in both CDC and City elections

After an energetic campaign that saw more than 2,000 leaflets delivered by hand in the newly enlarged Chichester West ward, Patria candidate Dr Andrew Emerson increased the party’s average share of the vote in both the elections fought.

These were elections to the Chichester District Council and Chichester City (Parish) Council, held as usual on the same day, Thursday, 2 May.

Despite competition from both a UKIP candidate and an Independent in the CDC election, Patria increased its share of the vote from the share won four …

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The political Establishment and its corporate media lie machine

We Don’t Believe You

2 May, 2019

by Sir John Redwood, MP for Wokingham

Much of the conventional media is pro-Remain. Day after day they churn out the same stories with the same spin to try to turn people off the idea which we voted for in the summer of 2016.

Their programmes become exceptionally boring, as most days it is Groundhog day, with repetition or elaboration of the same skewed ideas.

Brexit is about taking back control

It is about recreating our own democracy here at home. It’s a wish …

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Fighting back

How Brexiteer MPs can fight back against Theresa May’s betrayal

14 April, 2019

by David Scullion, Deputy Editor at BrexitCentral

It’s gone, the pressure has evaporated. MPs have started their week-long recess and our exit date has been kicked into late autumn. Brexiteers are emerging from Parliament bleary-eyed but undefeated. The surviving Leavers didn’t exactly win the last round, but they didn’t lose. The Withdrawal Agreement hasn’t been ratified and the threat of Parliament taking control of the agenda passed by with little more than a whimper.

But …

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How Britain overpays for the defence of the EU27

EXCLUSIVE – EU NATO members underspent on defence by $829 billion in last 10 years

How British taxpayers have been paying for the EU27’s defence

The shocking truth for MPs and the electorate

Part Two of our summary on EU militarization

Prepared using official EU, UK Government, and NATO sources

The Defence of the Realm is the primary responsibility for any government. Brexit Facts4EU.Org presents the second in our series of 1-page EU Defence Union summaries for MPs and voters. This paper is about British taxpayers’ money, NATO, and the …

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Happy St George’s Day

Patria wishes all our members, supporters and voters a very happy Saint George’s Day.

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And hey PESCO: there is an EU army and we are paying for it


From EU and NATO official sources

21 April 2019

Mrs May’s Government has been binding us into all of this, without the knowledge of most MPs.

Here we present a Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Defence and Mrs May’s ‘Brexit’

EU defence budgets are rocketing – more than a 50-fold increase in budget starting January 2021

EU is accelerating its development of an ‘EU Army’ to replace NATO in Europe

UK Government has quietly been signing us up to EU defence structures since the Referendum

The UK will continue …

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