WTO rules and no divorce bill

Tory Brexiteer Lord Lawson Tells Theresa May To Get Off Her ‘Knees’ And Stop ‘Begging’ Brussels For A Good Deal

Margaret Thatcher would be ‘appalled’ by her successor.


Paul Waugh, Executive Editor, Politics, HuffPost UK

Tory tensions over Brexit have boiled over in spectacular fashion after former Chancellor Nigel Lawson told Theresa May to get off her “knees” and stop “begging” Brussels for a good deal.

The Conservative peer declared that Margaret Thatcher would have been appalled that the UK was “in a humiliating state of cringe” towards the …

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Walk away, it’s the only way


You may recall the British Prime Minister twice dashing off to Brussels last week.

Despite the unholy rush urged on the United Kingdom to agree Phase One talks in time for the EU Council Summit yesterday, the EU has now released a new negotiations document which sets a very leisurely timetable for talks starting next year.

The problem for Mrs May is that her statements regarding the government’s achievements in the Brexit talks have grown progressively less credible as the months have gone on.

In simple terms, the …

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The people are sovereign, not the House of Treason


If you want to know if this rebellion was about ‘Parliamentary sovereignty’ as the Remoaning MPs claim, or trying to stop Brexit, as we claim, take a look at the names of these MPs as a good indication. Every single one voted against Brexit last year and every one is a Remoaner.

Today the PM is in Brussels for the EU Summit. Tomorrow the EU27 leaders will approve the Phase One surrender agreed to by Mrs May last week. The disgraceful events in the House of …

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The EU is heading for the Juncker’s yard



Have you ever noticed how the EU seems able to celebrate the same thing about three times on three different anniversary dates? This is because of the cumbersome decision-making structure of the EU, and also because the EU likes to keep celebrating things it thinks people approve of.

In the case of the Maastricht Treaty, once again the EU has three dates to celebrate. There is the date of the EU Council meeting at which the first drafts were undertaken: 10th December 1991. This …

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Bermuda shows the way


Dear Marriage supporter

Bermuda has become the first territory in the world to restore the traditional definition of marriage by legislating to ban same-sex ‘weddings’ only six months after they were introduced.

Voters in the British Overseas Territory had rejected same-sex ‘marriage’ by a landslide in a referendum in 2016.

However, earlier this year the island’s Supreme Court disregarded the public vote to rule that same-sex ‘marriage’ should be legal. The first of these ceremonies took place in June.

A subsequent election led to a change …

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No deal still the best deal for Britain

What does the UK-EU deal say and is it good for Britain?

Hugh Bennett, Deputy Editor at BrexitCentral

9 December, 2017

After a dramatic week of of last-minute negotiations between Brussels, London, Belfast and Dublin, the UK and the EU have finally reached agreement on ‘phase one’ of the Brexit talks. Theresa May and David Davis flew to Brussels in the early hours of Friday morning where Jean-Claude Juncker decreed that “sufficient progress” had been made on the first phase of talks, all before most people in the …

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UKIP hopeful charity worker Naz (and her mum) lost it big time

Asian Ukip candidate who fled to Pakistan after twice being convicted of calling Tesco worker ‘a f***ing foreigner’ is jailed for three months in her absence

The daughter of Pakistani immigrants, Sam Naz launched foul-mouthed ‘racist’ tirade at fellow Muslim Mohammed Watfa

Trolley collector Mr Watfa tried to intervene as Naz was attacked by a shopper

Naz, 34, was found guilty for the second time after appealing first conviction

Judge labelled mother-of-two ‘bigoted and cruel’ with ‘not one iota of humility’

Naz had gone to Pakistan to get medical treatment …

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Bah humbug judge brings law into contempt

West African criminal twice jailed for sex attacks wins £110,000 compensation payout from UK taxpayers after being jailed for too long when his home country refused to take him back

Aliou Bah, 28, from Guinea, has twice been convicted and jailed for sex assaults

‘Refugee’ was then kept in prison for 21 months after serving his sentences

Home Office battled to deport him to Guinea – but country refused to take him

No-one has been successfully deported to the West African state since 2006

Judge rules he’s owed compensation because …

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No surrender to EU blackmail


At best, Mrs May looked out of her depth yesterday. She started the day grinning excessively in a photo call with President Juncker. Presumably this was when she was expecting to announce a great triumph for the UK, by signing a deal with the EU to surrender on all three key points under discussion.

The media has focused on the DUP’s role in preventing the abject surrender from taking place. For this, it is quite clear that the rest of the country owes them a debt …

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Leave means now


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