No surrender to the extremists – whether of Islam or ‘diversity’

Everyone in Britain is entitled to the protection of our laws.

But ordinary people, as distinct from professional politicians, are not at risk from the adherents of any ideology or religion other than Islam. How many ‘militant’ or ‘radical’ Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindus or Zoroastrians stalk the streets of our cities with murder in their hearts?

We are all at risk, however, from jihadist terrorists. Why? Because politicians like Mrs May and her Lib-Lab-Con colleagues and predecessors have: allowed and encouraged the mass immigration of Muslims …

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Do you, David, take this goldfish…



Dear Marriage supporter

Only 4,850 same-sex ‘marriages’ took place in 2014, the first year in which they were allowed.

The 2014 marriage figures have finally been released by the Office for National Statistics. They show that the very small number of same-sex ‘marriages’ contrasts dramatically with 247,000 heterosexual marriages which took place in the same year.

Former Prime Minister David Cameron, speaking of his same-sex ‘marriage’ legislation, has said “…I know it’s going to bring a lot of people a …

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Scrap the office of Political Crime Commissar

Dr Andrew Emerson

3:13 PM on 17/03/2017

Isn’t all crime ‘hate crime’? Surely all victims of crime must find the experience hateful, since nobody likes being a victim of crime.

It must be wrong artificially to elevate the seriousness with which certain crimes are regarded and investigated, as well as the penalties they attract, on the basis of arbitrary assumptions concerning the perpetrators’ motives and the victims’ membership of a privileged social category, such as immigrant, Muslim, homosexual, etc.

Whatever happened to equality before the law? …

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Sikh of the criminal invasion

Hundreds of Afghan asylum seekers sneaked into the UK using British Sikhs’ passports – because turbans on ID photos meant border officials couldn’t spot the difference

Border officials are said to have difficulty distinguishing between the illegal immigrants and genuine passport holders because of turbans in ID documents

Daljit Kapoor, 41, Harmit Kapoor, 40, and Davinder Chawla appeared in court

They provided Sikhs from Afghanistan with passports of family members

By Anthony Joseph for MailOnline

14 March 2017

Hundreds of Afghan asylum seekers snuck into the UK using British Sikhs’ passports …

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Free speech – use it or lose it



Dear Marriage supporter

As someone who believes in traditional marriage, do you ever feel under pressure to keep quiet about it?

We shouldn’t. Throughout history and in virtually all human societies marriage has always been the union of a man and a woman. And we live in a country with a long history of freedom of speech. Yet there’s no doubt that political ‘correctness’ is stifling our freedom.

A recent Channel 4 programme has highlighted the pressure on traditional …

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The Government plan to warp young minds



Dear Marriage supporter

The Government’s planned introduction of Relationships Education will go ahead, after MPs signalled their agreement yesterday.

The new subject will have to be taught in all primary schools in England. The Commons yesterday granted the Education Secretary sweeping powers to issue regulations and guidance, which will set out the detailed requirements of the new subject. A consultation is expected in the autumn.

As yet, the Government has said little about what will actually be taught in Relationships Education. …

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The Enemy Within

Why doesn’t the House of Lords move to Brussels? RICHARD LITTLEJOHN wonders why the unelected peers are so determined to betray the majority of people they are paid to represent


3 March 2017

Not for the first time, it fell to Norman Tebbit to speak for Britain. Why was it, he asked his fellow members of the Lords, that they were elevating the rights of foreigners over those of the British people?

‘It seems to me the first duty of this Parliament, …

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Goverment’s politically ‘correct’ newspeak to brainwash our children



Dear Marriage supporter

The Government has announced plans to force all primary schools – state and private – to teach ‘Relationships Education’.

This could lead to all sorts of alternative lifestyles – including same-sex ‘marriage’ – being taught to young children in schools. The lessons would be compulsory. No parental right of withdrawal has been provided. This all threatens to supplant the role of parents in bringing up their own children.

New Clause 15, which Ministers have tabled …

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Abolish the House of Hypocrisy

Lord Moat compared the worries of EU nationals to Idi Amin’s victims: QUENTIN LETTS on a whiff of hypocrisy in the Lords

By Quentin Letts for the Daily Mail

2 March 2017

They were packed deep in the House of Lords yesterday afternoon when peers competed hard to muscle and gum their way into the Brexit debate. The place boiled with crossness. It surged with a determination to Make A (Moral) Gesture.

Amazing scenes. Have so many oldies ever behaved so adolescently?

Here was an unelected House of Parliament pushing …

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Meet Abdul, the twenty year old ‘child refugee’

Mother-of-two reveals she opened her home to Afghan ’12-year-old refugee’ but was shocked when he turned out to be a grown man who threatened to KILL her family

Woman, renamed Julie for anonymity reasons, took in a refugee posing as a child

Afghan man, called Abdul, said he was 12 but dentist assessed his age as 19-21

Abdul was polite and shy but soon turned aggressive and attacked Julie’s family

Police arrested Abdul but he threatened to kill Julie’s family and she lives in fear

By Alex Matthews For Mailonline

2 …

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