Teacher – of what exactly?

Shame of Ukip’s ‘rampant rabbi’: Candidate in sex role-play scandal with woman he met on bondage site won’t even shake female rivals’ hands ‘on religious grounds’

Shneur Odze, 36, is accused of playing out a disturbing ‘sexual fantasy’

He met the office worker through a bondage and sadomasochism website

Odze bombarded her with sexually explicit text messages after meeting on site

Rabbi has previously refused to shake hands with female political opponents

Revelations will be a further blow to Ukip’s floundering General Election campaign under new leader Paul Nuttall

When confronted …

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Stop Ofsted perverting young minds


25 April 2017

Dear Marriage supporter

There’s to be a General Election on 8 June. The PM’s announcement probably took us all by surprise.

Parliament will be dissolved in the next few days. So now is the last chance to contact your sitting MP who is likely to be asked for their views on the party manifesto.

I believe the most pressing issue is to stop disagreement with same-sex ‘marriage’ being classed as ‘extremism’ or a …

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Hard Brexit now!

‘Every woman’s worst nightmare’: Hungarian migrant, 25, who broke into pensioners’ homes and assaulted them as they slept, after carrying out similar sex attacks in Canada, is jailed for life

Zsolt Suhaj was deported from Canada for attacking women in their homes

But he then came to Britain unchallenged and moved to Nelson, Lancashire

There he carried out a string of similar attacks on women aged up to 84

Judge jails him for life after Suhaj was heard threatening his own lawyer

By Richard Spillett, Crime Correspondent For Mailonline

27 April …

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Le Pen through to second round of presidential race

More than seven million French patriots demonstrated yesterday, by their votes, that Le Pen is mightier than the Establishment.

Congratulations to patriotic France on having made the wise decision, despite the hostile propaganda of the political and media Establishment, to elect Mme Le Pen to contest the final round of the presidential election in two weeks’ time.

Marine’s rival candidates were lack-lustre, lacking credibility and substance; none more so than the discredited Francois Fillon of the Republicans, whose slogan ‘A will for France’ could imply he felt …

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Scrap the Human Riots Act

Allahu Akbar, let’s behead a screw: Blood-curdling cry issued by a Muslim extremist who plotted to murder a warder… but he won’t be moved to a new ‘jihadist jail’ unit because that would infringe his human rights!

Nadir Syed, 24, was jailed for a minimum of 15 years for plotting a terror attack

Prison authorities want to keep him in isolation after he threatened staff

Syed won a High Court case by claiming his human rights were being breached

The Department of Justice said they may appeal the High …

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Happy St George’s Day!

Patria wishes a happy Saint George’s Day to all our members and supporters.

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When is a hate crime not a hate crime?

Ukip candidate standing against Andy Burnham in mayoral election is a bible-burning Orthodox Jewish rabbi

Shneur Odze reacted with fury when he found a religious tract in his synagogue

It purported to be a Jewish bible and was put there during Passover

Mr Odze took the book out into the street and set fire to it

A Ukip spokesman said: ‘While we understand the act, it was ill-advised to put a picture of it on social media’


16 April 2017

An Orthodox …

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Theresa May’s Home Office was a joke

‘Frauds stole £1.1m from taxpayer-funded immigrant fund because the Home Office didn’t have the resources to check whether applications were legitimate or not’

A trio allegedly raked in money from schemes promoting ‘integration’ in the UK

Jurors were told they applied for grants when Theresa May was Home Secretary

A court heard the Home Office didn’t have ‘resources’ to inspect each document


19 April 2017

Frauds stole £1.1 million from a ‘soft’ taxpayer-funded immigrant fund because the Home Office did not have the resources to scrutinize …

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Former British Ambassador to Syria condemns Britain’s foreign policy

In 2003, as Ambassador to Bahrain, Peter Ford says he sent critical memos to London before the Iraq War. Later he regretted not having been more outspoken. In his time in Damascus (2003-2006), he says he distanced himself more and more from the official policies.[6]

After 2006, he was criticised as a defender of the al-Assad regime in Syria. In 2016, he suggested opposition forces were responsible for an attack on a UN humanitarian convoy in September 2016 which caused the death of ten aid workers. …

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Fiddling while Britain burns

Tory MPs could face expenses prosecution before June election

By Karl McDonald

18 April 2017

Up to 30 people could face charges over Conservative breaches of election spending rules in 2015, according to the Crown Prosecution Service.

The MPs and activists will find out whether they are to be charged before any general election – because the deadline for prosecution will elapse before the 8 June date.

This means some Conservative MPs could face prosecution while campaigning for re-election in the election called for by …

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