With our public finances mortgaged to the max for years to come because of the government’s panicky shut down of the economy, freeing ourselves from the one-sided trading relationship with the EU is even more essential than it was pre-pandemic.

WTO terms will enable us to develop greater self-sufficiency across a range of existing and new UK industries, providing much needed jobs and reducing the deficit.

Our consumers will benefit from cheaper food, clothing and footwear with no loss of quality.

We shall be free to …

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Plan-it Lib-Lab-Con

Belgium had one of the strictest lockdowns and the world’s highest Covid deaths per million population.

For a country like the UK with pretensions to being a democracy a degree of herd immunity is the only way forward long term.

A vaccine will help a little, just as it does with other strains of coronavirus we term the flu. But as these viruses mutate rapidly and generally in the direction of diminished lethality it is not a ‘magic bullet’.

There is no evidence that lockdowns, or …

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A response to the Chancellor’s mini-budget

With all of this climate change we hear about endlessly we should soon be able to grow coconuts in southern England.

If we train the post-millennials to pick them we wouldn’t need to import coconut milk and other similar products from countries such as Thailand, which would help the public finances and gradually over time eliminate the budget deficit.

If we restore the coal industry similar considerations would apply and this would also, in theory, help to speed up the rate of global warming, hence …

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The pandemic is a pretext for cultural revolution

What Did You Do In The War?

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

There is no doubt that the world is full of a good many bizarre and unsupportable claims and notions. Trying to pick your way through the quagmire of claims, counter-claims and general nonsense is harder than it has ever been.

The basic problem, of course, is that governments and official sounding organisations have been lying, deceiving and manipulating since the coronavirus first emerged from hiding and yelled `boo’.

All honesty has gone out of the …

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We have reason to believe a thought crime may have been committed

Defund the privileged ‘woke’ parasites

A Man’s Best Friend

State sponsored warping of young minds paused


Dear Marriage supporter

There have been three encouraging pieces of news lately that I wanted to share with you.


First of all of course is the news that weddings are back on in Northern Ireland and Wales, and from 4 July can take place once again in England as well.

This received a lot of media coverage but there is more good news that you may have missed.


I’m pleased to say the Government has now accepted the reality that due to lockdown schools may …

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Did Johnson play too much rugby at Oxford?

These people have no idea what they’re doing: Ex-Supreme Court judge LORD JONATHAN SUMPTION gives a devastating verdict on our political leaders’ handling of the crisis


PUBLISHED: 02:06, 21 June 2020 | UPDATED: 08:08, 21 June 2020

Does the Government have a policy for coronavirus? Indeed it does. In fact, it has several. One for each month of the year, all mutually inconsistent and none of them properly thought through. Sometimes, governments have to change tack. It shows that …

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Let Rhodes stand, though Oriel fall

Oxford University’s cowardly surrender is a wilful vandalism of history, writes DANIEL HANNAN, an Oriel graduate who is tearing up his donations to the college


PUBLISHED: 22:48, 18 June 2020 | UPDATED: 08:08, 19 June 2020

Yet again, the future of Cecil Rhodes hangs in the balance.

Intimidated by a delirious mob, the governing body of Oriel – his and my Oxford college – voted to remove the statuette of the 19th-century diamond magnate from its niche high above the city’s …

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