A London Lib-Lab Briefing

Labour councillor ‘plundered £1.6m will to buy house’ after he was appointed executor of woman’s estate, court hears

Solicitor James Allie, 50, ‘stole from dead woman’s estate to purchase a house’

The Labour councillor is said to have ‘utilised’ her assets to buy £580,000 home

High Court judge orders him to hand over the house – and must leave by January

He was not seen in court but was seen out canvassing for Labour at the weekend


PUBLISHED: 22:02, 8 December 2019 | UPDATED: …

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Who says crime doesn’t pay?

Vice girl turned millionairess Divine Brown can’t thank Hugh Grant enough

Last updated 6 July 2007

He was in a white BMW convertible. She was standing on the sidewalk in scarlet stilettos. The place was Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, the date 27 June, 1995, the time around 1.10am – and one of the biggest show business scandals of recent times was about to unfold.

Under different circumstances, we might never have discovered the identity of the celebrity who was later described as sounding like “the Prince of …

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Liberal Antidemocrat breach of promise


Dear Marriage supporter

This is the last of our emails highlighting party promises around marriage.

The Liberal Democrats have committed to “enabling the Church of England and Church in Wales to conduct same-sex marriages”.

This inevitably means disrupting the ‘quadlock’ of protections created by the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 to stop clergy being compelled to carry out homosexual weddings.

Part of the quadlock specifically excludes Anglican churches from conducting same-sex ‘marriages’. It also makes clear that the legal duty on Anglican …

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Vote for a clean break, WTO Brexit

Till Lib-Lab-Con do us part


Dear Marriage supporter

This is the latest in our email series focusing on manifesto promises relating to marriage.

The Conservative Government included a no-fault divorce Bill in the Queen’s Speech in October. Labour and the Liberal Democrats have also committed to it in their manifestos.

No-fault divorce is a marriage wrecker’s charter. Spouses will be unable to contest a divorce and the process could be all over in six months – or even sooner – reducing the opportunity for reconciliation.

Inevitably the number of …

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Rainbow worrier


Dear Marriage supporter

This is our latest email highlighting manifesto promises around marriage.

Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party have committed to mandatory LGBT-inclusive lessons.

The Conservative Government introduced Relationships Education, which all schools will be required to teach from September 2020. There is no right of withdrawal from Relationships Education at any stage (in secondary schools it is part of Relationships and Sex Education). Good things can be taught under the framework, but as we have always warned, it gives …

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Of pseudoscience, fake news and moral panic

In 2017, Lindzen sent a petition to President Trump, asking the President to withdraw the United States from the United Nations Convention on Climate Change. The petition contained the names of “around 300 eminent scientists and other qualified individuals”, and called on the United States and other nations to “change course on an outdated international agreement that targets minor greenhouse gases,” starting with carbon dioxide.

At this point you will probably want to know: if these people claim that man isn’t responsible for such global warming …

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Lib-Lab-Con gender agenda


Dear Marriage supporter

This is the latest in our email series focusing on manifesto promises relating to marriage.

Trans activists want to make it much easier for a person to change their legal sex. The Labour, Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru and Green Party manifestos commit to ‘reforming’ the Gender Recognition Act 2004 to do so, as does the SNP’s latest Programme for Government. The Conservative Government consulted on this issue last year but has not yet published the outcome.

The change would mean …

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We can sell more to the EU without a free trade agreement

More than 200 countries sell to the EU with no membership of either the Single Market or Customs Union

These non-EU and non-EEA countries sold £1.6 TRILLION of goods to the EU in 2017

These countries are successfully selling to the EU

These countries are not members of the Single Market but they sell successfully to the EU
They are not members of the Customs Union but they sell successfully to the EU
They are not members of the EEA but they sell successfully to the EU
They have control of …

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Lib-Lab-Con war on Marriage


Dear Marriage supporter

This is the first in a series of emails we’ll be sending in the run-up to the election on 12 December, focusing on manifesto promises that relate to marriage.

Labour and the Liberal Democrats have pledged in their manifestos to abolish the marriage tax allowance.

The allowance was introduced by David Cameron’s Coalition Government in 2015. It is similar to but lower than the previous Married Couple’s Allowance, which started being phased out some years before by previous administrations. The …

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